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Welcome to my site. I’m running for Regina City Council in Ward 1 in the upcoming municipal election. Ward 1 has been my home for my entire life. In that time I have lived, worked, played, and volunteered in the Ward and developed a real understanding of the sense of community that is present here. As one big community, we all share some common concerns about the state of our city. I believe it is time that Ward 1 had a strong voice to make these concerns heard, and I believe it can be me. I invite you to take the time to read a little bit about me and my platform so that together we can bring a fresh perspective to city council.

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It’s rare to find a civic policy that boosts affordable housing, home improvement, higher education and traffic congestion all at the same time, but young Ward 1 candidate Conrad Hewitt today announced a policy proposal that does just that.

Hewitt proposes that the City’s housing incentives programs, which are currently restricted to inner city neighbourhoods, be extended to the Hillsdale and Whitmore Park neighbourhoods near the University of Regina and SIAST.


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